The Fed's Playbook for Fighting Bank Panics, Now vs. The Great Depression | Dr. Jane Knodell

Jane Knodell, professor of economics at the University of Vermont and Author joins the show for a historical comparison between the previous bank runs & the banking turmoil of 2023. Knodell reflects on the development of the U.S banking system throughout history, the measures taken today to curb deposit flight and how the Federal Reserve ultimately became the lender of last resort. To hear all this and more, you'll have to tune in!

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(00:00) Intro

(00:19) Historial Comparisons To 2023's Banking Turmoil

(02:37) The Difference Between Solvency & Liquidty In A Bank Run

(07:17) Making a Central Bank Out of the Federal Reserve

(11:42) The Role of Gold In The Federal Reserve's History

(17:00) Why Did Gold Flee To The Fed In 1917?

(22:57) Permissionless ad

(24:00) The Federal Reserve: The Lender Of Last Resot

(29:51) How Has The Banking System Developed Throughout U.S History?

(35:21) The Collapse Of Silicon Valley Bank

(38:11) The Bank Term Funding Program

(41:14) All Roads Lead Back To Congress

(46:50) Learning From The Lesson's Of The Great Depression

(55:37) The Looming Debt Ceiling

(58:19) Blockworks Research

(59:20) The Trillion Dollar Coin

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