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Restrictions On Investments Into China Are Imminent | Harald Malmgren & Nicholas Glinsman

Right now, U.S. officials in Washington D.C. are preparing legislation that will cut off foreign investment into China. 

That’s according to Jack’s two guests today, Harald Malmgren & Nick Glinsman. According to them, the Biden administration is preparing an executive order that will fundamentally alter America’s financial relationship with China.

Harald Malmgren is an economist, ambassador, and former adviser to four U.S. presidents, and Nicholas Glinsman is an investor who has worked at macro hedge funds such as Brevan Howard. Their new venture Malmgren-Glinsman Partners, is a research partner of Forward Guidance. 

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:53) The Fraying Of U.S China Relations

(09:05) "China's Growth Model Is Dying"

(18:33) Restriction of Foreign Investment In China - What Would It Look Like?

(26:18) Are We In A New Economic Cold War?

(35:31) Putin & Russia's Invasion Of Ukraine

(41:31) "The Sternness of NATIO is New"

(45:12) A Potential Peace Deal Negotiated By China?

(51:49) "The Market Is Not Ready For This"

(54:52) Malmgren-Glinsman Partners

(59:12) Liquidity is NOT Rising, Says Malmgren

(01:07:00) Is Credit Contracting?


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