Portrait Of A Sick Market | Milton Berg On How The Stock Market’s Exhaustive Rally Is Reminiscent of 2000, 1968, and 1929

Milton Berg, renowned market technician known to viewers for his contrarian bullish call in January of 2023, returns to Forward Guidance with a far less rosy outlook. As of recording on February 28, 2024, Berg is decidedly bearish in the face of a stupendous stock market rally. He sees signs of an exhaustive peak and expects a decline, which could either be a corrective move in the middle of a bull market or the beginning of a true bear market.

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:15) Milton's Buy Signals Have Continued To Appear In The Stock Market

(06:11) This Bull Market Is Unique In Its Strength, And It Its Weakness

(10:53) Indicators That Suggest A Stock Market Top In February 2024

(15:20) Why Milton Is Leaning Bearish

(24:05) Federal Reserve Interest Rate Cuts And Earnings Cycle (Milton Disagrees That These Are Bullish Factors)

(30:55) There's Lots Of Momentum In This Market - But It's Not Bullish Momentum

(35:28) Banking Index Is Behaving Strangely

(40:37) Evidence This Could Be A Blow-Off Top

(49:33) VanEck Ad

(50:16) This Is Not A Healthy Market

(52:34) The Permabears Could Finally Be Right

(53:13) Speculation In Blue Chip Companies Is Extreme (Although Speculation In Unprofitable Companies Is Not)

(01:00:09) Mind The GAP!

(01:05:29) Portrait Of A Sick Market

(01:07:22) New Highs In Europe And Japan - Milton Isn't Impressed!

(01:10:48) China

(01:12:37) Cycle Dates

(01:16:54) Climax Top In SuperMicro (SMCI) - Milton Was Long But Has Flipped Short

(01:21:31) If There's A New Bear Market In 2024, It Will Probably Cause A Recession (Unlike In 2022)

(01:26:35) Milton's Long-Only Portfolio

(01:28:26) Milton's Short List Of Overextended Stocks (Including Nvidia)

(01:33:12) Would A Forthcoming Sell-off Be A Corrective Move During a Bull Market Or The Beginning Of A New Bear Market?

(01:35:29) Alibaba, Paypal, and Berkshire Hathaway

(01:36:43) A Review Of The Buy And Sell Signals


Disclaimer: Nothing discussed on Forward Guidance should be considered as investment advice. Please always do your own research & speak to a financial advisor before thinking about, thinking about putting your money into these crazy markets.

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