Why The Chinese Real Estate Downturn Won’t Sink The Chinese Economy | Ben Harburg

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:18) Has The Bearish Narrative On China's Collapse Gone Too Far?

(05:50) Collapse Of Evergrande Was NOT A "Lehman Moment," Argues Harburg

(10:21) Current State of Chinese Real Estate Market

(15:56) Is Economic Stimulus From The Chinese Government On Its Way?

(19:28) Are Chinese Policymakers Worried About Deflation?

(21:16) Western Goods Are Being "Slaughtered" By Chinese Consumption of Domestically-Produced Goods

(24:35) VanEck Ad

(25:29) Spending Is "Definitely Weak" As "People Are Losing Their Jobs"

(26:42) Not In DNA of Chinese Government To Enact a "Major Stimulus Package"

(28:59) India Is A "Mirage" Where Corruption Is Actually Higher Than In China, Argues Harburg

(36:46) Delisting of DiDi Was "Justified" But The Chinese Government Often Does Not Provide Sufficient Detail On Rationale Behind Policies

(41:01) The Chinese Labor Market

(43:09) Permissionless Ad

(44:15) The Chinese Stock Market

(49:28) Chinese Electric Vehicles

(54:19) Tariffs Against China: Why Chinese Leaders Would Prefer Trump Over Biden

(01:00:49) Does Beijing Look Fondly Upon Bank Credit Being Directed Away From Real Estate And Into Consumer Lending?

(01:06:21) Private Markets In China Are "Very Challenged"

(01:12:17) China's Central Bank (The People's Bank of China)

(01:14:11) Chinese Yuan


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