Oil & Crypto Trader Jonah van Bourg: Altcoins Going to Zero, Bitcoin Bull Move Is Just Getting Started, and Oil Vol Is Overpriced

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:34) Jonah's Background At Lehman, Goldman, Vitol, and Cumberland

(04:18) Jonah on Crypto: "I'm So Bullish I Can't See Straight"

(06:18) Why Jonah Thinks Bitcoin Will Stay In A Range ("Proper Chop") Before Shooting Higher

(09:11) Jonah: Bitcoin Is Better At Conducting Large Scale Commodity Transactions Than Most Non-Reserve Fiat Currencies

(22:01) VanEck Ad

(28:20) Has Saudi Arabia Moved Off The Petrodollar?

(30:09) Is Mt. Gox Unlock of Bitcoin A Big Deal?

(34:25) Jonah on The Real Reason Crypto Is Going Down: "Most Altcoins Are Worthless": You "Shitcoin of Choice" Is Probably Dead

(45:19) The Rise of Stablecoins

(48:26) The "AI" Crypto Coins

(50:40) Jonah on Oil: There's A Lot Of Spare Capacity, Hard To See A Big Move Higher

(58:09) The Best Trade of 2024 In Oil Has Been Selling Options

(01:06:34) Why Jonah Is Bullish Distillates

(01:10:15) Jonah on Oil Refineries

(01:13:34) Natural Gas

(01:20:25) Uranium and Gold

(01:22:58) Fiat Debasement and Bitcoin


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