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Why The Repo Market Will Need The Fed’s Cash Yet Again | Scott Skyrm & Joseph Wang

Scott Skyrm, Executive Vice President in fixed income & repo at Curvature Securities, joins former senior Fed trader Joseph Wang and host Jack Farley to share his insights from deep within the repo markets. Skyrm explores whether the Fed’s forthcoming balance sheet runoff will agitate repo markets like last time in September 2019, when repo rates spiked higher. Skyrm (@ScottSkyrm) and Wang (@FedGuy12) weigh important considerations, such as the Fed’s involvement with the market and what current repo rates indicate about the level of bond shorting.

Skyrm tells Farley (@JackFarley96) that the trillions of Treasury collateral that the market will have to absorb over the next year will drain the ~$1.8 Trillion in Fed’s reverse repo facility, yank repo rates higher, and eventually cause the market to rely once again on the Fed’s standing repo facility.


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