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Can Europe's Economy Handle Russian Sanctions? | Frances Coppola

Frances Coppola, Economist, Author & banking expert, joins Forward Guidance to give an update on how the West's new sanctions on Russia are playing out. Coppola explains how key commodities such as Russian natural gas and oil continue to flow to Western countries, and she makes an impassioned case for why a ban on Russian energy is necessary to thwart the imperial ambitions of Russian President Vladimir Putin.


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(00:00) Introduction

(00:58) Overview of Sanctions on Russia

(07:08) Oil & Natural Gas

(09:30) Wheat

(14:20) Demand Destruction and Recession Risk

(18:00) When Will We Hit Peak Inflation?

(21:20) Central Bank Response Function

(27:01) The European Central Bank (ECB) And Inflation

(32:02) BCB Ad

(35:45) The Dollar's Surge

(1:20:36) Breton Woods III

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