Nick Givanovic: Treasury Bonds Are “Historically Unattractive” To Leveraged Investors

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:30) Nick Favors Stocks Over Bonds Until He Sees Data That Say Otherwise

(05:25) Potential For An Bond Auction Failure

(06:44) U.S Government Borrowing: Treasury Bills vs. Treasury Coupons

(21:49) Conditions At Recent Treasury Market Auctions

(25:13) Short Bonds, But Not Wildly Bearish

(26:13) VanEck Ad

(27:14) Is Yield Curve Steepener Trade Positive Carry or Negative Carry?

(28:43) Inflation Volatility Is Bad For Term Premia

(33:13) Bull Steepener vs. Bear Steepener: How Will The Yield Curve Uninvert?

(39:10) Bull Steepeners Usually Occur Faster Than Bear Steepeners (Nick Thinks Bull Steepener Could Be More Likely)

(54:24) Volatility In The Bond Market

(01:02:21) Relative to Bonds, Nick Is Bullish On Stocks

(01:07:49) The Labor Market

(01:09:53) GameStop and the Return of Meme Stocks


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