ep. 102


The Fed Is Not In Control Of The Eurodollar System | Hugh Hendry

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Hugh Hendry, macro investor and former chief investment officer of Eclectica Asset Management, joins Jack Farley to make the case that central banks are not in control of the global monetary order. Hendry argues that an inverted yield curve is showing that the Federal Reserve is making a severe policy error. He insists that the rises in consumer prices is not “inflation” as he defines it because they are not due to the extending of credit by commercial banks.

Hendry passionately exhorts the Chinese ruling class to empower the Chinese consumer and allow the Chinese Yuan (“RenMinBi”) to strengthen to what Hendry thinks is its true market value. Hendry tells Farley he expects commodity prices to remain high due to bad energy policy and he thinks that portfolio managers who are fueling the recent rally in risk assets are making a mistake. Filmed on August 4th, 2022.


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(00:00) Introduction

(09:56) Why Rising Consumer Prices Is Not Inflation

(11:06) The Energy Crisis

(19:13) Paul Volcker

(21:56) China and the Global "Glut of Saving"

(28:09) The Eurodollar System

(34:08) Is The Fed Effective

(39:31) Did the Fed save the world in 2020


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