Time To Accelerate Crypto's App Ecosystem | Mike Dudas & Carl Vogel

Gm! This week we're joined by Mike Dudas & Carl Vogel of 6th Man Ventures for a discussion on the investing landscape in crypto. We deep dive into the Solana ETF application, why crypto needs more applications, the promise of AI & DePin, crypto's airdrop dilemma & much more. Enjoy!


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(00:00) Introduction

(01:16) The 6th Man Ventures Origin Story

(06:00) Solana ETF

(09:39) 6MV's Investing Thesis

(12:36) Access Protocol Ad

(13:15) Alt L1s

(14:53) Ethereum's L2 Roadmap

(19:49) Appchains & Composability

(23:40) Time For Crypto Applications.. Not Infra

(27:43) AI & DePin

(32:26) Permissionless III Ad

(33:29) Airdrops

(42:51) Crypto's Token Vesting Problem

(48:25) Liquid vs Venture Investing

(50:46) Advice For Founders



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