Teleport: Breaking Big Tech's Network Effect | Paul Bohm

Paul Bohm joins us to discuss how decentralized marketplaces, like ride-sharing, can leverage crypto's coordination tools to compete against today's incumbents. Paul is a visionary, crypto OG and founder of Teleport. In this episode, we discuss Paul's core insight, Teleport's design, go-to-market strategies, how to ensure quality in decentralized services, why AirBnB onchain isn't a thing and more!

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:16) Paul’s Core Insight that Lead to Teleport

(10:32) How Teleport Works

(19:25) Why Build Teleport on Solana?

(21:32) DAS LDN Plug

(22:17) How Governance Plays a Role

(25:02) Go-to-Market and Market Forces

(36:08) How Drivers, Users and Dispatchers Get Started on Teleport

(41:55) How to Ensure Consistency and Quality of Service

(45:34) What Teleport Means for Solana

(47:59) Biggest Learnings as a Founder

(51:03) Why Not Onchain AirBnB?

(57:07) Rapid Fire

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