ep. 13


The Next Chapter for Stablecoins | Nic Carter

Nic Carter joins us to discuss how digitized dollars are crypto's killer use case. We explore predictions for stablecoins, what people get wrong about Tether, US regulation, why L1 networks over-index on scarcity, crypto's most over/underrated sectors and more! Nic is a crypto OG, prolific writer and investor. You don't want to miss this one!

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:34) Stablecoins: Crypto Is All About Moving Dollars

(08:58) Terra’s Failed Attempt to Leverage BTC

(10:29) Delta-Neutral Stablecoins

(14:59) Tether Haters Were Wrong

(20:00) The State of US Stablecoin Regulation

(27:33) Jito Mid-Roll

(28:37) Permissionless Plug

(20:00) The State of US Stablecoin Regulation

(29:37) How Stables Impact the Value of L1 Tokens

(34:42) Why Crypto Has Become a Religion

(40:48) We’ve Overindexed on the Scarcity Features of L1 Networks

(44:44) The Value of Composability

(50:33) Crypto’s Most Overrated/Underrated Sectors

(56:33) 4 Stablecoin Predictions

(59:34) Rapid Fire

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