How Helium Is Leading Crypto's DePIN Revolution | Abhay Kumar

Abhay Kumar, the CEO of the Helium Foundation, joins us to discuss how DePIN and Helium are bringing undeniable utility to crypto. Helium is a DePIN protocol that coordinates and incentivizes the buildout of wireless infrastructure around the world. In this episode, we discuss the secret to Helium's success, why Helium migrated to Solana, DePIN competition and moats, the value of onchain identity and more!

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:16) What is DePIN?

(02:18) The Secret to Helium’s Success

(09:23) Why Helium Migrated to Solana

(19:02) Onboarding Users, Hotspots and Oracles

(26:39) Helium Mobile and Go-to-Market Strategies

(43:41) Nova Labs and the Helium Foundation

(46:36) Competition and Moats

(49:33) Does Solana Have a DePIN Network Effect?

(55:01) Demand Catalysts

(57:45) DeFi, Composability and Onchain Identity

(01:03:25) Advice for Crypto Founders

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