The SOL Bull Case: VanEck | Matthew Sigel, Patrick Bush

Matthew Sigel and Patrick Bush join us to discuss their recent report that predicts SOL to hit $335 by 2030. Matthew (head of crypto research) and Patrick (senior investment analysts) lead VanEck's crypto division. VanEck is a prolific TradFi asset management firm founded in 1955, but that hasn't stopped them from building one of the best research teams in crypto. In this episode, we discuss their Solana bull case, how to value L1s, if DCF valuations are a meme, Solana's biggest challenges, Cosmos vs Ethereum vs Solana, macro's impact and more!

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:48) VanEck’s Path to Investing in Crypto

(03:53) Investing in Smart Contract Platforms

(06:39) The Solana Bull Case

(17:53) Firedancer Questions

(24:18) Integrated vs Modular Ecosystems

(31:09) DAS London Plug

(32:06) What Metrics Matter?

(34:12) ETF Approvals and VanEck’s Philosophy

(37:28) How to Value an L1: The DCF Meme

(42:16) What About Cosmos?

(48:36) Macro and a Multipolar Future

(54:02) Favorite Verticals in Crypto

(58:00) Rapid Fire

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VanEck’s Base, Bear, Bull Case: Solana Valuation by 2030


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