Solving Crypto's Oracle Problem | Chris Hermida & Mitch Gildenberg

This week, Chris Hermida & Mitch Gildenberg Co-Founders at Switchboard join the show for a discussion on how they're helping scale crypto's oracle infrastructure network. We deep dive into the origin story behind Switchboard, their V3 rollout, speed & latency, todays oracle use cases, lessons learned from the Mango exploit in 2022 and more!


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(00:00) Introduction

(01:24) The Origin Story Behind Switchboard

(04:57) Solving Crypto's Oracle Problem

(09:34) Access Protocol Ad

(10:22) Monad Ad

(11:17) Takeaways From The 2022 Mango Exploit

(17:44) Lending Markets & Liquid Staking

(21:46) Switchboard V3

(25:01) Oracle Speed & Latency

(29:59) Oracle Use Cases

(32:09) Permissionless Oracles

(36:54) Oracle Randomness

(40:40) Switchboard Oracle Network

(42:14) Oracle Decentralization

(51:17) Final Thoughts



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