Powering Solana's Onchain Economy | Garrett Harper & Stepan Simkin

Gm! This week we invite Garrett Harper & Stepan Simkin from Squads to the show after they raised a $10 million Series A round. We deep dive into the Squads origin story, why wallet security matters & how they want to help power Solana's on chain economy. Enjoy!


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(00:00) Introduction

(01:14) The Squads Origin Story

(06:17) What Are Smart Accounts?

(08:30) What Is Fuse?

(15:10) Permissionless III Ad

(16:13) Formal Verifications & Wallet Security

(24:51) Powering Solana's On Chain Economy

(32:28) Building A Subscription Model

(39:06) DAO Services & Governance

(44:26) Advice For Founders



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