ep. 12


Magic Eden: Is the 10K PFP Playbook Dead? | Zedd, Tiff and Rex

Today we are joined by the team from Magic Eden to discuss the state of NFTs. We cover what went wrong with the 10K PFP collections, royalty fees and creator monetization, horizontal vs vertical marketplaces, Magic Eden's multichain strategy, the advantages of different L1s and more! 

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:47) Is the 10K PFP Collection Dead?

(05:26) Why Should People Care About NFTs?

(08:52) Royalty Fees and Creator Monetization

(20:47) Permissionless Plug

(21:47) Compressed NFTs on Solana

(28:49) Horizontal vs Vertical Marketplaces

(33:52) Magic Eden’s Multichain Strategy

(01:00:32) Yoot’s Migration to Polygon

(01:07:40) Rapid Fire

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Magic Eden



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