The Next Era Of Solana Scaling | Swen Schäferjohann

Gm! This week we're joined by Swen Schäferjohann for a discussion on Solana's latest scaling unlock... ZK compression. We deep dive into Light protocols origin story, how does ZK compression work, L1 composability & account construct & the future of Solana's scalability. Enjoy!


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(00:00) Introduction

(01:52) Light Protocol Origin Story

(10:23) Helium Mobile Ad

(11:42) How Does ZK Compression Work?

(17:00) The Cost Of State vs Ledger Space

(21:42) Photon Indexer

(26:26) Move Fast & Break Things vs Enshrining

(31:52) Permissionless III Ad

(32:54) What ZK Compression Unlocks

(34:49) L1 Composability

(36:43) Account Construct

(40:36) How Is ZK Used In ZK Compression?

(49:02) Why ZK Compression Is Not A Rollup



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