Farcaster: How Warpcast Could Become Crypto's First Mainstream App | Dan Romero

Dan Romero joins us to discuss how Warpcast could become crypto's first mainstream app. Warpcast is a crypto-enabled social app built on top of the Farcaster protocol. Warpcast offers a Twitter meets Reddit-like experience that leverages the composability, permissionless innovation and embedded finance of crypto. In this episode, we discuss how Dan decided to focus on Social, how Farcaster works, why "Frames" are a massive developer unlock, the Warpcast and Farcaster business model, the onchain vs offchain components, Dan's go-to-market strategy and more!

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:08) The Origin Story

(05:09) Why Focus On Social?

(08:50) Farcaster and Warpcast: What It Is and How It Works

(15:29) DAS London Plug

(16:26) Farcaster Hubs and Onchain Pragmatism

(26:37) The Technical Process Flow

(34:07) The Business Model

(39:19) Why "Frames" Are A Massive Developer Unlock

(59:03) Adding Solana Support to Warpcast

(01:03:39) The Go-to-Market Strategy

(01:10:14) The Drivers of History

(01:14:48) Founder Advice

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