Permissionless Frontends: The Rise of Crypto's Aggregators | Kain Warwick (Infinex)

Kain Warwick, the founder of Synthetix and Infinex, joins us to discuss how permissionless frontends are crypto's next battleground. Crypto has the infrastructure to support the next wave of users, but the user experience is lightyears behind Web2. What can solve this? Permissionless frontends. In this episode, we cover why Kain is building Infinex, the missing piece to get users onchain, crypto's new aggregators, Kain's multichain strategy, where DAOs fail to innovate and more. This might be my favorite episode yet!

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(00:00) Introduction

(02:04) A Shift from Infrastructure to the User Experience

(05:03) Why Synthetix Chose Optimism

(09:11) The Missing Ingredient to Compete with Binance

(11:53) L2 Liquidity Fragmentation

(14:51) Should Projects Launch on Multiple Chains?

(17:18) Why Synthetix Might Launch an Appchain

(19:10) How to Build Brand Trust & Bring Users Onchain

(32:57) Jito MidRoll Plug

(34:02) Crypto’s New Aggregators: Permissionless Frontends

(43:06) Taking Speculation Too Far

(51:16) L2 Centralization Vectors & Progressive Decentralization

(57:06) Will L2s Have a Power Law Outcome?

(59:54) Why Kain is Still in Crypto

(01:05:26) Where DAOs Succeed and Fail

(01:12:44) Rapid Fire

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Kain's Writings


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