Solana's Local Fee Markets Aren't Real | Eugene Chen

Eugene Chen joins us to discuss why Solana's local fee markets aren't real. Well, they are real, but they don't yet work as advertised. Eugene is the co-founder of Ellipses Labs, Phoenix Protocol, and Umbra Research and he is one of the sharpest builders in Solana! In this episode, we discuss how Solana transactions work, how to improve Solana's fee markets, MEV on Solana, how apps can accrue their own MEV, Solana's DeFi risk, Phoenix's limit order book and more!

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:56) How Solana Transactions Work

(05:56) Solana’s Local Fee Markets Aren't Real

(29:53) Access Promo

(30:55) DAS Promo

(31:52) MEV on Solana

(36:59) App-Specific MEV and Value Accrual

(41:46) Solana Bots and Toxic MEV

(45:27) The Latency vs "Fair" Distribution of MEV Tradeoff

(48:41) Solana DeFi Risk and the mSOL depeg

(51:18) Why App Developers Should Understand the Infrastructure

(55:19) Ellipses Labs, Phoenix’s LOB and Points

(01:01:48) Solana’s Identity and Advice for Solana Builders

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Ellipsis Labs






Umbra Research



Solana Fees, Part 1 (Solana Local Fee Markets Aren't Real)


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