97. Maybe bots aren’t so bad w/ Brian Flynn

Brian Flynn is the founder of Boost (formerly RabbitHole). We talk hyperfinancialization, crypto as a universal language, how AI agents might play a role in building toward a better future, and shifting..

94. Minting as a medium w/ Dee Goens

Dee is the co-founder of Zora. We talk minting as a medium, why the economics of the internet should mirror human behavior, the limits of modeling collecting behavior, and why focusing on..

93. Composability + the paradox of choice

This is a special episode, drawing on ChatGPT's knowledge. We talk the paradox of choice, composability as a double-edged sword, when choice matters, and how maturity of consumer technologies impact end-user orientation..

91. Intents as protocol moats w/ Andrew Hong

Andrew is the Headmaster at Dune Analytics. We talk the modular stack ‒ Andrew gives an accessible overview of account abstraction and intents, the potential for intents as protocol moats, where censorship..

89. Unpacking the Nouns fork w/ Noun 40

Noun 40 shares unpacks the different camps within Nouns governance, the creation of the fork mechanism, why the treasury isn't the most important resource, and the fork means for the future of..