91. Intents as protocol moats w/ Andrew Hong

Andrew is the Headmaster at Dune Analytics. We talk the modular stack ‒ Andrew gives an accessible overview of account abstraction and intents, the potential for intents as protocol moats, where censorship..

89. Unpacking the Nouns fork w/ Noun 40

Noun 40 shares unpacks the different camps within Nouns governance, the creation of the fork mechanism, why the treasury isn't the most important resource, and the fork means for the future of..

86. Journey of a transaction w/ Jill Gunter

Jill is a co-founder of Espresso Systems. On this episode, we do an accessible deep dive into what happens after you submit a transaction. Jill explains the memepool, MEV, sequencers, different types..

83. Onchain media w/ Steph Alinsug (CRYPTOHUN3Y)

Steph is the founder of Vessel. We talk onchain media, how interfaces make luxury media legible, aspirational identity, curation, and how shared identity shapes our experiences and actions as consumers.- -Follow Steph:..

82. Post-token worlds w/ Sean McCaffery

Sean is a co-founder of Jokerace. We talk limitations of tokens, how onchain activity can be used to gate end-user experiences, and why L2s unlock new kinds of onchain paradigms.- -Follow Sean:..

81. Hypercultures w/ LGHT

LGHT is a crypto artist exploring the intersections of crypto, creativity, and culture. We talk LGHT's thesis on hypercultures, timeless co-creation, how web3 reshapes our ability to create and proliferate culture, and..