Inflation Still Isn't Going Back To 2% | Vincent Deluard

This week Vincent Deluard returns to the show to discuss the most important topic in markets today... inflation. After joining the show in February 2023, Vincent was an early inflationista making the case that inflation would not return to 2%. Well, one year later that call has been correct as inflation remains elevated above the Fed's 2% target. The question is, what happens next? Enjoy!


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(00:00) Introduction

(02:17) The Rise Of Secular Inflation

(10:50) Mantra Ad

(11:56) Geopolitical Risk, Oil & The Inflation Feedback Loop

(16:43) The U.S Dollar Is Still The Best Safe Haven

(21:21) The Rise Of Fiscal Dominance: Gradually, Then Suddenly

(26:08) The Inflation Spiral

(35:39) Permissionless Ad

(36:17) A Recession Free Future

(42:18) Oil


Disclaimer: Nothing discussed on On The Margin should be considered as investment advice. Please always do your own research & speak to a financial advisor before thinking about, thinking about putting your money into these crazy markets.

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