The Blockworks Origin Story

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This is a special episode taken from the Empire podcast hosted by Blockworks Co-Founder Jason Yanowitz, private investor Santiago Santos & Framework Ventures Co-Founder Michael Anderson.

On todays episode we deep dive into the Blockworks origin story. We start at the very beginning in 2017, leading all the way through to 2023 & the ensuing 18 months ahead. We discuss the challenges of scaling a business, surviving March 2020, the evolving thesis for Blockworks' growth & trajectory and what it takes to build a great media business in the 21st century. To hear all this & more, you'll have. to tune in!


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(00:00) The Blockworks Start

(08:20) Entrepreneur Mindset Origination

(11:42) Determining Product Categories

(19:18) The March 2020 Pivot

(24:12) Competitive Landscape

(30:26) The Hiring Difference

(34:36) Cycle Sentiment Check-in

(39:24) Aligning Teams in Crypto

(43:37) Target Audience

(47:04) Permissionless

(48:30) Evolving Thesis Approach

(57:03) Narrative Pulse Check-in

(01:00:02) Crypto's Killer App

(01:02:38) Why Back Blockworks?

(01:13:11) The Biggest Mistake

(01:16:16) The DAO Thesis

(01:23:12) Staying Interested Advice


Disclaimer: Nothing said on Empire is a recommendation to buy or sell securities or tokens. This podcast is for informational purposes only, and any views expressed by anyone on the show are solely our opinions, not financial advice. Santiago, Jason, and our guests may hold positions in the companies, funds, or projects discussed.

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