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Is The Bull Market Over? | Darius Dale

On today’s episode of "On the Margin," 42 Macro founder and CEO Darius Dale gives listeners the details on his four horsemen of market risk signals and what they tell us about potential hazards brewing in the market.

Along with host Michael Ippolito, Darius walks us through his point of view on the Fed’s inflation fears, the Bank of Japan’s reinstatement of yield curve control, and warning signs coming out of China. They also speculate on the 40-year bull run on the bond market: Could we soon be witnessing a regime change? To hear Darius’ take, you’ll want to tune in.

Referenced In The Show:

BoJ Announcement on the Conduct of Fixed-Rate Purchase Operations: https://www.boj.or.jp/en/announcements/release_2022/rel220420d.pdf

China’s Population Flatlines With Fewest Births Since 1950: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-01-17/china-s-population-flatlines-with-fewest-births-since-1950


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(01:13)・Darius' 2022 Market Outlook

(08:51)・6-12 Month Cyclical Outlook

(12:39)・The Fed's Inflation Fears

(16:11)・The Four Horsemen of Market Risk

(20:32)・Growth To Value

(22:43)・BoJ Announces Yield Curve Control

(28:26)・Fireblocks Ad

(29:45)・Is The Bond Bull Market Over?

(35:50)・The Chinese Credit Cycle

(39:22)・The Rise & Fall of Empires

(43:04)・A Polarising World & Shift To De-Globalization

(45:54)・Venture Capital Flows Into Crypto

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