ep. 102


The Dollar Window is Closing with Brent Johnson

In this week's round up, Mark and I were joined by special guest Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital. Among many other things, Brent is famous for his "dollar milkshake theory," which is his view of what a sovereign debt crisis will look like in the future.

Brent kicked things off by giving us a rehash of the milkshake theory and his thoughts on what the dollar may do over the course of the next decade. Next we dug deep into the US - China relationship, and got Mark's and Brent's views on who is winning in the power competititon.

Next we examined the historic decision to confiscate Russian central bank assets, and the implications that may have for treasuries and the dollar as foreign exchange reserves.

Finally, we concluded by looking at the collapse of Russia's economy and imminent default on their debts. We discussed the implication that will have for markets, but for that info you have to listen to the episode.


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