ep. 205


The Collapse of SVB, Silvergate & Signature Bank | Caitlin Long and Nic Carter

On today's episode of On the Margin, Caitlin Long Founder & CEO at Custodia Bank & Nic Carter Founding Partner at Castle Island Ventures join the show to discuss the recent banking turmoil with the collapse of Silvergate and Silicon Valley Bank which led to the closure of Signature Bank over the weekend. Interest rate risk in HTM portfolios was the key driver of the recent bank runs we have seen, but how have they reverberated all around the world?

We then discuss the political backlash crypto banks have received as a consequence of the bank crisis and whether this could be an operation chokepoint 2.0 scenario, something Nic has been writing about for many months. To hear all this and more, you'll have to tune in!


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