ep. 145


The GDP Growth Illusion | Weekly Round Up

In this week's episode, Mark and I discuss the repercussions of the Fed’s attempt to contrive certainty in financial markets.

We start the discussion by looking at the US’ long-term GDP growth. The chart looks great, but is the Fed’s market manipulation setting us up for a surprise? Inflation and record-high debt are just two symptoms of the Fed’s attempt to create certainty in entropic markets. 

We then talk about this week’s FOMC minutes and reflect on current market conditions. Why are certain speculative assets pumping when most equities are tanking? We are in a thinly traded market, and more volatility is on the horizon.

Finally, we discuss how a 20yr old just made $100M on Bed Bath & Beyond. Tune in for these stories and more!


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Referenced In The Show:

20-Year-Old Student Acquires 6% Of Bed Bath & Beyond, Makes $110 Million In 3 Weeks: https://www.zerohedge.com/markets/sureal-story-20-year-old-student-acquires-6-bed-bath-beyond-makes-110-million-3-weeks


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