Charlie McGarraugh

Charlie McGarraugh | Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Markets

Charlie is Chief Strategy Officer and Head of Markets at where he is responsible for firmwide strategy, commercial development, and’s markets businesses.  Charlie is a proven fixed income professional with deep trading and business building experience across emerging markets, corporate credit, credit derivatives trading, structured finance, and mortgages.  Following a relocation in London in 2009, Goldman named Charlie to its exclusive partnership in 2012 as a result of his leadership of the build-out of its highly successful post-financial-crisis European mortgages business.  In 2014 he assumed a senior role in Goldman’s commodity department as Global Head of Metals trading, overseeing all base and precious metals activities globally.

In 2016 he decided that a fuller embrace of disruptive technologies would be a requirement to be best positioned for transitions in markets over the coming decades, and craving deep hands-on experience in tech entrepreneurship, machine learning, and electronic trading, he left Goldman to join Stratagem Technologies, a London-based AI sports prediction company he had previously seeded, as Chairman and CEO.   By 2018, Charlie had decided that a pivot to digital assets was the optimal strategy to best deploy Stratagem’s technical capabilities, and the team began serious work on crypto markets.  Stratagem caught the attention of and was acquired in October 2018 to bring Charlie and the team aboard.

He holds a BA in Economics and Mathematics from Yale University, and graduated magna cum laude with distinction.  Originally from Minnesota, Charlie spent many years in New York and currently lives in London with his family.