Julia Demidova

Julia Demidova

FIS | Head of CBDC Strategy and Product

Julia is passionate about advancing the future of money. She heads up FIS’s CBDC and digital currencies product strategy and design. She is responsible for developing FIS’s capabilities and technologies. She is developing a CBDC and Digital Currencies Connected Ecosystem and Virtual Lab for FIS to support the full payments value chain and expand FIS coverage of mission critical central infrastructure and technology applications. Julia is also responsible for developing, maintaining, and strengthening of relationship with central banks, regulators, and policy makers and private sector institutions on the topic of CBDC and digital currencies.

In 2018, Julia joined OMFIF a central bank think-tank based in London as a Director of Fintech & Private Markets. In 2020 Julia launched OMFIF’s Digital Monetary Institute (DMI) an independent platform for convening central banks on CBDCs, digital payments, the DLT and blockchain. The group focused on payment instruments in wholesale, retail and cross-border markets, with central bank digital currency being of particular interest. In addition to convening public and private sector institutions, Julia has also launched a monthly Journal of Digital Finance which summarized the key developments and challenges in the world of digital currencies, and how central banking, policy-making and regulatory communities are engaging in the debate.

Julia’s background is in payments and financial services. Before moving into CBDC Julia was leading fintech and payment investment activities at the private equity firm. Julia was responsible for maximizing the value of payments ecosystem for all  portfolio companies, investors and key stakeholders. She was responsible for investing and identifying start-ups and the next generation of entrepreneurs from seed to IPO.

Julia holds a BA (Hons) from EBS London in International Business and Finance.