María Paula Fernandez

María Paula Fernandez | Co-Founder

María Paula comes from Argentina, is the co-founder at, and the Department of Decentralization. She has been working in web3 since 2017, when she joined the Web3 Foundation as employee number three. She's worked or consulted for several of the most prominent blockchain projects, and in 2018 she founded a grassroots organisation in Berlin, Department of Decentralization, hosting web3 hackathons, and researching and publishing on art and technology. Her organisation's latest collaboration was a year long project with Hito Steyerl, StrikeDAO, for which they built a quadratic voting app and presented a governance proposal for a German institutionIn early 2021, she started her own company alongside Sam Spike and Trent Elmore,, a protocol that focuses on on-chain NFT curation.