The Role of Bulge Bracket Financial Institutions in Crypto Markets

Tuesday, June 9, 2020 12:00 pm ET

Digital assets need institutional participation to advance to the next level on the global stage.  For institutional investors, this means understanding the nascent asset class and finding the right managers to partner with.  For other financial institutions, involvement is not so straight forward.  Some of the world’s largest and most respected institutions, from JP Morgan, to TD Ameritrade, to Fidelity, have all announced plans and investment in digital assets. 

This conversation will cover how blue-chip firms are thinking about digital assets, where they see risks and opportunities, and the role they see this emerging asset class play in their business over the coming decade.

Dr. Ruth Wandhöfer
Partner, Gauss Ventures

Sunayna Tuteja
Head of Digital Assets and Blockchain, TD Ameritrade