Your Permie is your VIP Pass to Permissionless 2022. May 17-19 2022, Blockworks partnered with Coinbase and Bankless to take over Palm Beach for the web3 cultural event of the year. Thank you to our holders and supporters who attended and made it an unforgettable experience – we’re already looking ahead to delivering even more value for Permissionless 2023.

🌟 One VIP ticket to Permissionless 2022

🌴 One Lifetime Permissionless Pass (valid beginning in 2023)

🍾 Access to the “Gatsby Whites” VIP party on May 16th

🎟 Skip the line – VIP entrance to Permissionless 2022

🎨 VIP-only NFT Happy Hour with Dez Bryant 

🎁 Exclusive NFT holder merch 

🔑 Private discord channel for verified holders

📊 New! Free access to Blockworks Research 

🤝 Community-led programming initiatives: Permies is a community-driven project – utility will be added in the future as the community and Permissionless evolve.

Meet Permies.

Permies are Web2 workers, grinding away at their day jobs and yearning for a better future – one filled with financial freedom, world travel, and like-minded frens. While passing time browsing Blockworks' website, 555 Permies are launched down a Web3 rabbit hole and find themselves in a fully Permissionless future.

Meet the artist.

3D Print Guy has been a 3D artist for over 15 years. He gave up the glamorous rock star life of computer science to join up Pixar and has had a fun career working for Pixar, Sony, and Netflix. In early 2021, he landed in the NFT space with the intention of creating fun, story-packed animations for all of Web3.

  • A total supply of 555 Ethereum-based Permies find themselves down the Web3 rabbit hole
  • 55 Permies will be allocated to the Blockworks team, Bankless team, and the artist
  • 500 will be available for the public
  • Pre-sale: Blockworks newsletter subscribers, Discord members and Permissionless ticket registrants will get early access to a pre-sale mint on March 29th at 4:00 pm ET
  • Public mint is on March 31st at 4:00 pm ET
  • NFTs will be minted directly to your wallet for self-custody and ownership

Wen mint?

The Pre-sale mint date is on March 29th at 4:00pm ET. The Public-sale is on March 31st 4:00pm ET. The public sale will continue until all 500 publicly available Permies have been minted.

How to mint?

1. Connect your Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask wallet to our mint site via the Ethereum Mainnet.

2. Be sure you are on the correct site before signing approval to connect -

3. Click the ‘Mint’ button when the sale goes live.

4. Issue the transaction in your Coinbase Wallet or MetaMask wallet

Who can mint?

Anyone and everyone who is interested in attending Permissionless as a VIP can mint this NFT. The Blockworks community (newsletter subscribers, Discord members, and existing Permissionless holders) will get access to a pre-sale. Subscribe to the newsletter here for access to allowlist:

Cost of mint?

Permies are 1.11 ETH to mint. As outlined in the utility, Permies are more than your standard PFP project. We partnered with a talented 3D artist ( to bring Permies to life. Each Permie reflects the individuality of the holder, but beyond that, your Permie is your pass to the ultimate VIP experience at Permissionless 2022, and your general admission ticket to Permissionless for life. Refer to the utility section above for more information.

Which wallets are supported?

Coinbase Wallet and MetaMask are the only wallets supported. However, the following wallets have integrations with MetaMask:

Trust Wallet

How to verify Permie ownership

Join this Discord
(1) Select #permies-join channel
(2) Use Collab.Land bot to link ETH wallet
(3) Click ‘Lets go!’
(4) Follow prompts to website to connect your wallet 
(5) Sign the message
(6) Boom! You’re a Verified Permie Holder

How do I get my GA pass refunded after I get a NFT?

(1) After verifying you’re a Permie Holder (see question above) Select #support-ticket channel
(2) Click ‘Create ticket’
(3) Support ticket opens in a new channel
(4) Use free text to message support with the email addressed you used to buy your GA pass
(5) Support will manually confirm receipt
(6) Expect GA ticket to be refunded within 72 business hrs  of support ticket creation and submission of the email you bought the GA ticket with
Please direct your questions to the #permies channel within Discord

I own a Permie. What do I do before coming to Permissionless?

You must RSVP and then download your ticket. Read the above section "How Permies RSVP to Permissionless" for full instructions.