Inside the Future of Cosmos and Appchains| Jehan Tremback

In this episode, Boccaccio and EffortCapital are joined by Jehan from Informal Systems. They dive into the unique aspects of Cosmos, including its history, and the evolution of its ecosystem. They also discuss the pros and cons of appchains versus rollups, and the work being done to improve the appchain deployment process. Finally, Jehan shares his thoughts on the future of Cosmos.

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(0:00) Introduction

(3:11) Overview of Cosmos

(8:13) Rollups vs Appchains

(17:16) What Does ICSv2 Improve?

(31:52) Permissonless Ad

(33:06) Polygon Ad

(33:57) Avalanche Ad

(34:39) The Cosmos Hub Pitch

(40:20) Babylon Integration

(42:37) ATOM Value Accrual

(48:18) The Cosmos Hub End Game


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