How CoWs Will Save DeFi Swaps | Felix

In today's episode Dan and Sam are joined by CowSwap Technical Lead Felix. CoWSwap allows you to buy and sell tokens using gasless while providing MEV protection. They explore the economic concept of "coincidence of wants" and its application in CoWSwap, the unique batch auctions that differentiate it from traditional DEXs like Uniswap, and the protocol's unique approach to optimizing gas fees and combating MEV.

As always we have an analyst segment where 2 blockworks research analysts, Westie & Ren, join the guys to dive into Crypto's latest hot narrative; Friend.Tech. A Base chain native app, Friend.Tech, allows users to create and trade tokens associated with their online profiles.

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:54) Friend.Tech Saga

(14:00) Improving the Bonding Curve

(30:24) Interview Start: Felix 

(30:52) CoWSwap High-Level Overview

(34:32) What are Batch Auctions?

(42:54) Solver Market Make-up

(51:12) Solving MEV Problems in the App Layer

(55:38) Impacts of One Price per token per block

(55:38) "Hexens Ad"

(56:42) Impacts of One Price per token per block

(1:04:26) Implications of UniswapX

(1:09:19) Tech VS Protocol Branding

(1:11:23) Cow Hooks & Future Development Plans

(1:14:32) CoWSwap & DAOs

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