SUPERHIGHWAY TRADING: The Fastest Blockchain Distribution Network | Uri Klarman

In today's episode Dan and Sam are joined by Uri Klarman, Co-Founder and CEO of BloXroute Labs. Uri and the guys first take stock of MEV boost transaction life cycles, Searcher/Builder integrations, and builder relays. Uri unpacks blockchain distribution networks and how BloXroute is the first ultra-fast BDN. Uri then shares his MEV end-state thesis, the Base Layer vs L2 conflict as a result, and the impacts of decreased block times across Ethereal vs Solana. Uri, Dan, and Sam then close out on the negative externalities as a result of blockchain distribution network efficiencies and the emerging validators requirement to enable instant inclusion. Enjoy!

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(00:00) Introduction

(05:46) "Hexens Ad"

(06:51) Transaction Life Cycle Through MEV Boost

(20:03) Searcher/Builder Integration 

(27:34) Builder Relays 

(33:39) MEV End-state

(50:13) Base Layer vs L2 Resolution

(54:23) Solana vs Ethereum: Lower Block Time Impacts

(1:02:05) Instant Inclusion Counter Argument

(1:05:42) Negative Impact of BDN Efficiencies: Gas Fee Increases

(1:08:34) Validators Requirement to Enable Instant Inclusion 

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BloXroute Labs


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