Solana Defi 2.0: The Comeback | Jarry Xiao, Lucas Bruder, MacBrennan Peet

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Solana DeFi is having a resurgence, and Solana DeFi Summer is a narrative that's starting to emerge. What's the catalyst behind this resurgence, and is it sustainable? We bring on Jarry Xiao, Lucas Bruder and MacBrennan Peet to find out. We discuss why Solana DeFi is seeing a resurgence, token incentives, CLOBS vs AMMs, metrics that define a healthy ecosystem, what's next for Solana DeFi, liquid staking and more.

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:15) What’s Going on in Solana DeFi?

(05:02) Token Incentives and Points

(14:24) What Will Spark Solana's DeFi Summer?

(15:56) Capital Efficiency: CLOBS vs AMMs

(16:13) Is Solana a Consumer or Professional DeFi Chain?

(25:46) The Best Metrics to Evaluate a DeFi Ecosystem

(34:49) Jito Liquid Staking ad

(35:55) Permissionless ad

(36:55) Understanding Risk and Avoiding Crazy APYs

(41:08) What’s Next for Solana DeFi?

(44:10) Building on Solana vs L2s

(50:41) Applications vs L1s: Who Owns the User Mindshare?

(53:12) Who Will Use DeFi?

(56:23) Your Most Controversial Crypto Take

(01:09:09) Rapid Fire

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