Inside Frax Finance: Designing the End Game Stablecoin | Sam Kazemian

In this week's interview Frax Finance Founder Sam Kazemian joins us to dissect Frax and how he sees Frax becoming the future of onchain money. They dive into the shift to being fully collateralized, Frax's singular real world asset strategy of accessing Fed rates, and new products like sFRAX yielding near the IORB and FXB for creating an on-chain yield curve. Sam explains the mechanics ensuring the peg in different markets, integrating with partners like Paxos, and FraxEth v2 transitioning to permissionless validation. He shares Frax's vision of becoming a compliant, safe, and systemically important stablecoin protocol across layers and blockchains.

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(0:00) Introduction

(1:12) Frax V3 Explained

(4:18) Marginally Collateralized Stablecoin Design

(10:40) Directing Profits to veFXS Holders

(22:22) Reporting Offchain Asset Info Onchain

(26:08) Backing a Stablecoin with RWAs

(30:27) Hexeans AD

(31:32) Frax Gov Module

(36:47) Managing Duration Mismatches

(44:38) Revenue on FXB and sFrax

(52:47) FraxEth Performance

(57:19) Frax Eth V2

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FraxV3 Overview


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