The Cosmos SDK of Rollups | Preston Evans, Sovereign Labs

Join us on 0xResearch as we interview Preston Evans, the Chief Scientist of Sovereign Labs. Why should you care about Sovereign? Because they're building the Sovereign SDK. Like the Cosmos SDK that enables modular plug-and-play experimentation for L1s, the Sovereign SDK is a modular toolkit for building zk-rollups on any chain with seamless composability. In this episode, we discuss how Sovereign's design compares to the Cosmos SDK and IBC, smart contract vs Sovereign rollups, the role of data availability, decentralized sequencer design and more! This is my favorite 0xResearch episode yet.

And as usual, we start the episode with our analyst bullpen to discuss the recent governance drama at Arbitrum!

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:45) Arbitrum's Governance Blunder

(15:04) Blockworks Research

(16:03) Interview Start: What is Sovereign?

(22:23) The Sovereign SDK vs Cosmos SDK

(23:59) Settlement on Smart Contract vs Sovereign Rollups

(28:14) The Role of Data Availability

(32:24) Decentralized Sequencers

(37:54) Optimistic Rollup Tradeoffs

(41:24) Composability and IBC

(52:22) What Is Sovereign’s X Factor?

(54:17) Building Rollups on Bitcoin

(59:11) Sovereign’s Business Model and Timeline

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