Shared Sequencers in the Modular Stack | Josh Bowen, Ben Fisch

Join us on 0xResearch as Josh Bown (Astria) and Ben Fisch (Espresso Systems) join us to discuss the role of shared sequencers in the modular future. Josh and Ben explain how shared sequencers remove the risk of censorship, liveness and regulation for rollups while creating a layer for atomic composability. Will L2s choose to leverage a shared sequencer? What is the value proposition? Where will value and MEV capture occur? We discuss all of this and more!

And as usual, we start the episode with our analyst bullpen to discuss Voltz v2 cross-margining, Crypto's mobile-first UX improvement and an update on Arbitrum.

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:59) Hot Seat/Cool Throne

(21:50) Interview Start: The Modular Stack

(24:23) The Role of Centralized Sequencers

(28:29) Lightspeed Promo

(29:10) Decentralized Sequencer Design

(36:28) Why Will L2s Use a Shared Sequencer?

(45:00) Cross-Rollup Atomic Composability

(53:12) Rollup MEV Capture

(1:01:00) A Winner-Takes-Most Market?

(1:04:20) Restaking: Aligning L1 and L2 Economic Value

(1:10:23) Who are the Ideal Users?

(1:14:33) Supported Virtual Machines 

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Voltz's new cross-margining product


Espresso Systems






The Inevitability of UNIchain


Espresso on L1 and L2 economic incentive alignment


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