The Next Wave of Consumer Crypto Applications | Analyst Round Table

In this episode, Natalie from Bain Capital Crypto and Ben from Seed Club join us to discuss consumer applications in crypto. We dive into Seed Club’s recent Demo Day, viewing consumer crypto from an investor’s perspective, and the current state of crypto gaming. Additionally, we cover ongoing experiments with crypto social apps, and the NFT market going forward. Finally, Natalie and Ben give their advice to founders building in crypto today.

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As always, remember this podcast is for informational purposes only, and any views expressed by anyone on the show are solely their opinions, not financial advice.


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(0:00) Introduction

(9:42) Seed Club Demo Day & Consumer Crypto

(20:38) Crypto Gaming Today

(28:07) LayerZero Ad: Blockdaemon

(30:51) Experimenting With Crypto Social Apps

(37:54) The NFT Market Going Forward

(53:22) Advice for Founders


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