Ambient: Building The On-Chain Venue for Price Discovery | Doug Colkitt

Doug Colkitt joins us to discuss how AMMs can limit toxic flow, maximize capital efficiency and become primary venue for price discovery. We cover the design of Ambient, the benefits of a single contract DEX, how dynamic fees benefit LPs, strategies to reduce toxic flow, balancing the incentives of makers vs takers, why Unsiwap dominates and more!

And as usual, we start the episode with our analyst bullpen to discuss Polygon's ZK announcement, the Cosmos Hub's momentum, SAP's crypto announcement, the convergence of rollups and appchain design,

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:58) Hot Seat/Cool Throne

(36:20) Interview Start: The AMM Landscape

(44:19) Ambient’s Single Contract DEX

(47:54) How Lower Gas Fees Impact Toxic Flow

(50:17) Ambient’s Dynamic Fee Design

(58:54) The Uniswap v4 Announcement

(59:56) Balancing Incentives for Makers vs Takers

(1:04:20) Surplus Collateral Positions and Gasless Trades

(1:08:41) Will Retail Flow Default to DEX Aggregators?

(1:09:56) Ambient’s Governance Structure and Hooks

(1:16:00) Knockout Liquidity

(1:20:14) On-Chain Price Discovery and Latency

(1:28:42) Why is Uniswap Crushing Everyone Else?

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SAP's USDC payment announcement


Dualty's Cosmos Hub RS proposal


Modular vs Monolithic Twitter thread


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