Eclipse: Rollups Powered by Solana's Virtual Machines | Neel Somani

Neel Somani joins us to discuss how Eclipse enables rollups powered by Solana's parallelizable virtual machine. You've heard the debate: "Rollups don't scale because of the single-threaded EVM." With Eclipse, this is no longer the case. Tune in to learn why Eclipse chose the SVM, Eclipse's design and settlement assurances, how rollups can maintain interoperability, where value accrues in a modular world and more!

And as usual, we start the episode with our analyst bullpen to discuss Coinbase earnings, Lido DAO, ETH staking and BRC-20s.

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:31) Hot Seat/Cool Throne

(30:06) Interview Start: Neel’s EVM Terra Project

(33:50) Monolithic vs Modular Chains

(36:12) Eclipse: The Value Proposition & Design

(47:18) Why Choose the SVM?

(49:39) Trust Minimized Bridges

(51:22) Parallelizable Rollups & Solana’s Firedancer

(53:45) Value Accrual

(56:26) Maintaining Interoperability

(58:11) Rollups vs App-Specific Chains

(1:00:03) MEV & Collaborations with Skip Protocol

(1:02:07) Competing with Ethereum

(1:03:32) What Projects Leverage Eclipse?

(1:05:58) Liquidity Fragmentation & On-Boarding

(1:06:53) Supporting Multiple VMs

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