Monad: Unleashing Parallel Execution on the EVM

In this week's interview Dan and Sam are joined by James Huntsaker, co-founder of Monad, a rising L1 project focused on optimizing and scaling the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM). The conversation delves deep into Monad's technical architecture, its challenges, and how it differentiates itself in an increasingly competitive L2 and L1 landscape. Find out how Monad utilizes hardware to its full potential, its roadmap, and how it aims to enable truly scalable, secure EVM based applications. 

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(00:00) Introduction

(02:58) Monad's Key Design Difference

(08:25) "Hexens Ad’

(09:29) Monad Parallel Execution Design

(15:27) Monad BFT and Consensus Mechanism

(25:01) Monad DB - Database Structure

(32:34) Managing State Bloat

(37:48) Monad Client C++ and Rust Decision

(43:39) Are L2s Necessary?

(46:20) Transaction Fees

(48:43) Enabling Next Gen Apps

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