A Journey Through Ethereum’s Roadmap | Westie

In this week's episode of 0xResearch, Blockworks Research analyst Westie joins us to discuss Ethereum's roadmap. We start with the Shanghai upgrade, how the ETH withdrawal queue will work, what this means for ETH sell pressure and if we will see a rise in ETH staking rates. We then go deep, real deep, into Ethereum's long-term roadmap. This includes distributed validator technology, single secret leader elections, single slot finality and more! If you want to know what's coming and how Ethereum will scale to a billion users, this one's for you.

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:11) Hot Seat/Cool Throne

(32:16) Interview Start: Ethereum’s Roadmap

(34:52) How Staked ETH Withdrawal Periods Will Work

(42:12) Catalysts for Increased Staking Rates

(44:21) How LSD Protocols Will Handle Withdrawals

(46:51) Distributed Validator Technology (DVT)

(50:26) Single Secret Leader Elections (SSLE)

(53:16) Single Slot Finality

(55:57) The Surge, EIP4844 and KZG Commitments

(1:04:49) Data Availability Sampling (DAS)

(1:10:28) Proposer Builder Separation (PBS)

(1:16:21) MEV Burn

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