Sei: The L1 Built For Trading | Jay Jog

Join us on 0xResearch as we interview Jayendra Jog (co-founder of Sei) to discuss Sei, a highly optimized sector-specific L1 with a built-in order-matching primitive. Put simply, Sei is building the premier infrastructure for decentralized exchanges. In this episode, Jay explains why Sei chose the Cosmos SDK, why pursue a sector-specific chain, the mechanics behind optimistic block processing and parallelization, Sei's validator set, native oracles and more!

And as usual, we start the episode with our analyst Hot Seat/Cool Throne segment, where we debate the banking system meltdown, Curve's wild volume, USDC's depeg and more!

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:22) Hot Seat/Cool Throne

(24:40) Blockworks Research

(25:38) Interview Start: Sei’s Origin

(28:36) Why Use the Cosmos SDK?

(33:43) Why a Sector-Specific Chain?

(37:09) Optimistic Block Processing and Intelligent Block Propagation

(49:50) Parallel Processing

(53:48) The Tradeoffs

(56:14) Sei’s Validator Set, Sei’s Token and MEV

(1:09:56) Price Oracles

(1:13:42) Ecosystem and Airdrop Strategy

(1:19:35) Partnerships with Centralized Exchanges

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