Are Hyperchains The Scaling End Game? | Alex Gluchowski, Anthony Rose

Alex Gluchowski and Anthony Rose join us to discuss zkSync's ZK Stack and how Hyperchains enable composable applications at scale. We cover the ZK Stack design and ZK Credo, the security tradeoffs of various Hyperchain implementations, how Hyperchains enable shared composability, zkSync's forced tx inclusion mechanism, Hyperchains vs Cosmos appchains and more!

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(00:00) Introduction

(03:50) Interview Start: zkSync

(04:06) The ZK Stack Announcement + ZK Credo

(08:32) Why Use the ZK Stack?

(14:05) Implementations and Security Tradeoffs

(26:39) Hyperchain Composability

(29:52) The Priority Queue: Forced Transaction Inclusion

(34:59) Account Abstraction

(38:20) Customization and Application Specificity

(42:24) Decentralizing Sequencers and Provers

(52:14) Hyperchains vs Cosmos Appchains

(57:00) ZK Stack ELI5 and Early Partners

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ZK Credo


ZK Stack Announcement


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