The Rise of Modularity: Scaling Beyond Monolithic Constraints | Nick White, Celestia

Join us on 0xResearch as Nick White explains how Celestia's modular data-availability network enables anyone to deploy scalable blockchains with minimal overhead. Builders have shifted their focus from monolithic L1s to building modular infrastructure that scales through specialization, data availability sampling and cryptography. Learn how modular blockchains can maintain interoperability, Celestia's security guarantees, decentralized sequencers, Ethereum's tradeoffs, trust-minimized settlement and more!

And as usual, we start the episode with our analyst bullpen to discuss a $25M MEV exploit, xNFT backpack, Sushiswap's exploit and ETH's Shapella's upgrade.

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(00:00) Introduction

(00:44) Hot Seat/Cool Throne

(22:24) Interview Start: Nick White

(24:18) Celestia’s Value Proposition

(29:40) Lightspeed Promo

(30:20) Maintaining Interoperability

(35:15) Security Guarantees

(39:33) Light Clients

(42:04) Cosmos, Sequencers and Libraries vs Networks

(56:02) Pros and Cons of Ethereum

(58:19) Trust Minimized Bridges and Settlement

(1:02:12) DAS: Erasure Coding vs KZG

(1:13:17) Bitcoin as a DA Layer

(1:16:48) Oracle Infrastructure

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Clusters by Mustafa Al-Bassam


Settlement Assurances by Nic Carter


Libraries vs. Networks by Jesse Walden





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