The Solana Bet | Anatoly Yakovenko

Anatoly Yakovenko joins us to discuss why Solana is building the most optimized, minimally-extractive L1. We start with Anatoly's updated view of Solana's value proposition, mobile focus and the significance of xNFTs. Anatoly then explains Firedancer's insane performance, Solana's localized fee markets and parallel execution, where L2s fail to scale, MEV on Solana, security assurances and more! You won't want to miss Anatoly's user-focused philosophy and clear explanations; he's a legend.

And as usual, we start the episode with our analyst bullpen to discuss MEV Blocker, the ETH burn and MEV conspiracy theory, the MadLads xNFT mint, and Curve USD.

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(00:00) Introduction

(01:09) Hot Seat/Cool Throne

(23:31) Interview Start: Solana's Saga Phone 

(29:23) "Lightning Ad"

(30:04) Helium’s Migration to Solana

(32:50) Solana’s Vision

(34:19) Firedancer’s Insane Performance 

(38:16) Localized Fee Markets and Parallel Execution

(49:32) Is SOL Money?

(51:57) SVM L2s: Eclipse and Nitro

(53:07) Solana’s Hardware Requirements

(55:34) Security Guarantees: L2s vs Solana 

(59:35) Low Transaction Fees

(1:01:38) MEV on Solana

(1:08:11) Multi-VM Support

(1:10:27) Building Consumer Apps

(1:13:54) The Scaling Race: Solana vs Ethereum

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