Avail: Unifying and Scaling Modular Execution Layers | Prabal Banerjee, Avail CEO

In this week's interview Sam and Ren are joined by Prabal Banerjee, CEO and Co-founder of Avail, to discuss Avail's robust base layer designed to meet the needs of next generation, trust minimized applications and sovereign rollups. They kick off by unpacking what Avail is and how it enables validity proofs and erasure coding instead of fraud proofs, aiming to provide stronger guarantees especially for ZK rollups. Prabal also contrasts this with other DA solutions and committee-based approaches. Stay tuned for all of this and much more!

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(0:00) Introduction

(1:34) Avail Overview

(12:06) Avail DA Solution Design

(33:34) Why Ethereum?

(36:33) DAS London Ad

(37:39) DA Building Process

(50:05) Application Design Space on Avail

(1:00:19) Avail Token Design

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